Rubber Ducky, You’re The One!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The annual Rubber Ducky Race hits the Yampa River once again tomorrow.  This annual event benefits the Yampa Valley Medical Center Auxiliary and has been in existence since 1988.

Just one man’s opinion, but you’ve never seen anything until you’ve seen roughly 2,000 yellow duckies riding the rapids of the Yampa.  For just $10 per duck, you too could have a chance at some amazing prizes.

First place would snag you a 2009/10 season ski pass from the Steamboat Ski Resort which has a value of about $1,000.  Not too shabby if you happen to choose a fast swimming duck.

The race will take place from the 5th Street Bridge (where the duckies get dumped) to the finish line at 13th street.  This year’s funds will benefit the hospitals new Cardiac Care Services, which includes new diagnostic equipment.  If you’re a current Steamboat local or just have Steamboat in your heart, you should swing by and check it out.  If you’re in town tomorrow, it’s a spectacle not to miss.

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