Steamboat 700 Rolls On

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

City Council will hear even more community opinion as well as revised plans for the Steamboat 700 proposed development tomorrow night.

The Steamboat 700 annexation agreement is nearing a final vote by City Council, coming up on October 13th.  The proposed master plan of the community would include roughly 2,000 new homes amongst the 500 acres west of Steamboat Springs.  The annexation agreement calls for new capital facilities like a fire station, community center, community trails and parks.  Other highlights of the proposal include:

  • Metro districts that will tax the development to help finance the responsibility of public improvements
  • An option for Steamboat 700 to sell off large “super lots” that can be developed by other entities
  • 12.5 acres deeded to the city and 0.5% real estate transfer tax to provide land and money to affordable housing projects

The biggest issue that’s still under negotiation is the capital facilities phasing plan.  This basically outlines the target dates for when certain things need to have building completed.

Another piece of the project to be defined is the layout of the community as a whole.  Using a new designation known as “new urbanism” as the overall model, Steamboat 700 is still hashing out the design details.  Communities laid out under this type of designation typically include dense, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that incorporate commercial districts, parks and other recreation.

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