5 Hacks To Keep Mud Out Of Your Home This Spring

Use doormats inside and outside to wipe shoes.

Indoor and outdoor doormats are effective at keeping mud out of your home. They trap dirt and moisture from shoes BEFORE it is tracked indoors. The rough texture of the mat helps remove debris, while the absorbent material helps to soak up any moisture. By using both an indoor and outdoor doormat, you will reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your home.


Consider using washable rugs in high-traffic areas.

Washable rugs are designed to be easily cleaned and are particularly useful in high-traffic areas of the home. By placing washable rugs in entryways, mudrooms, and other areas where muddy shoes and boots are removed, you can help keep mud and dirt from being tracked throughout the home. Simply toss the rug in the washing machine when it becomes soiled, and it will be ready to use again in no time. This can save time and money on cleaning while also helping to keep your home looking neat and tidy.

Here are a few links to washable rugs that we recommend:

Use a large reusable bag to collect kids’ muddy outerwear

Have you heard of this genius parenting hack? After a day at the park or playing in the backyard, your children will be excited to walk right into your home and tell you all about it. A smart parent discovered that a large IKEA bag or plastic storage tub is the best container for collecting your kids’ dirty outerwear post-playtime Simply remove the muddy items while the kids stand in the bag, and then transport the bag of outerwear directly to the washer.

Watch now: Child steps inside reusable bag to keep mud out of the car

Keep towels by the door

Keeping towels by the door during muddy seasons can help to prevent dirt and mud from getting tracked into your home. By wiping your feet and shoes before entering, you can minimize the amount of dirt that gets spread throughout the house. It’s a simple and effective way to help keep your home clean.

Furry friends are prone to tracking in muddy paws after outdoor play. Training your pets to stay outside or in the mudroom while you wipe off their paws will protect your floors and your furniture from a mess. The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy Dog Towel is a Spring must-have. You can quickly wipe down your pets and then throw the towel into the wash. Link to Soggy Doggy here:

Link to Soggy Doggy


Implement the shoes-off rule

Implementing a shoes-off rule in the mudroom can help keep your home cleaner by preventing dirt, debris, and germs from being tracked inside. Additionally, it can help protect your floors and carpets from damage caused by abrasive materials on the bottom of your shoes.

To teach your kids the shoes-off rule, you can start by explaining why it’s important to keep the floors clean and prevent germs and dirt from entering the house. Make it fun by creating a designated spot for shoes near the entrance and rewarding your kids for remembering to take their shoes off. It’s important to lead by example and make sure you follow the rule yourself. Consistency and positive reinforcement are key to making this a habit for your kids.

Check out this hands-free boot remover to have handy in your shoes-off spot:

Link to a hands-free boot remover

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