Suggested Reading – Buyers

We have compiled a few resources that are especially helpful for prospective buyers. With so many great ways to save time and money, we believe you can never be too prepared! Click hereif you would like us to help you find something specific!

Ski Magazine- Steamboat A Good Buy!

Ski Magazine echos what we in “the trenches” already know. Steamboat is a good place to invest in real estate!

CLICK HERE for the Article: Ski Magazine- Steamboat a Good Buy!

Forbes: Steamboat Under The Radar

Looks like the folks at Forbes magazine have caught on to our “little secret.” Steamboat is quietly becoming a real estate boom-town!

CLICK HERE for the Article:  Under the Radar

TIME Magazine: Ignore The Headlines

From TIME Magazine, a unique look at how real estate plays into your overall investment portfolio.

CLICK HERE for the Article: TIME Magazine- Ignore the Headlines

Looking Around For Great Value

Here’s an article I wrote that addresses some of the areas in our region that are proving to be a good value.

CLICK HERE for the Article: Looking Around for Great Value

Renting To Own- A Foot In The Door!

Here’s a quick read about how some programs are helping people with damaged credit buy property.

CLICK HERE for the Article: Renting to Own

2008 Steamboat Market Report

A complete re-cap of Steamboat Real Estate in 2008

Click here for the 2008 Market Report