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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A local group in favor of passing Referendum A on the March 9th ballot has formed a group called Good- 4-Steamboat.  The group is in favor of passing the referendum so that the proposed Steamboat 700 development can begin moving forward with plans to build.

A pamphlet was left in our offices this week outlining some interesting points about Steamboat 700.  Here are some quick bullets I pulled from that information:

  • The crux of the Steamboat 700 plan is to centralize growth into “urban centers” to protect open space and prevent sprawl.  Building up to 2000 units in a central location has arguably less overall impact than the same number of units scattered throughout the valley.
  • Steamboat 700 will be developed in phases.  If there isn’t an immediate demand for all 2000 proposed units, then some will simply not break ground.  The risk falls entirely on the shoulders of Steamboat 700.
  • Steamboat 700 will be built as “Revenue Neutral” meaning that tax revenues from the new community will pay for city services.  Therefore, no new or increased taxes will be placed on Steamboat citizens or businesses.
  • What are the traffic impacts?  Steamboat 700 claims to mitigate traffic congestion in town by providing jobs, services, shopping and schools on the west end of Steamboat.  They intend to subsidize enhanced transit service and create extensive biking and walking trails.  They have also committed $16 million for US40 widening improvements.
  • New homes will be initially offered in such a price range as to create a balanced mix of housing types.  There are 14 proposed housing types ranging in price from $180,000 to $1.2 million, including condos as well as large lot homes.

For more information about Referendum A and Steamboat 700, the Good-4-Steamboat organization can be found at:



Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 970-870-0244

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