Single Family home prices are starting to fall…too

Single Family home prices in Steamboat Springs

Single Family Home prices in Steamboat Springs

Fall in Steamboat Springs
Like the leaves of Fall, prices of some Single Family home prices in Steamboat Springs are starting to fall, too. Of the 52 Single Family Homes on the market, in the Steamboat Mountain area,  half of those homes have had price reductions. Some as high as $600,000. Is it something in the air, the threat of winter coming on and a little desperation to get things sold? To find out what are the best deals on Single Family, Town Houses or Condominiums in the Steamboat Springs area  give me a call/text or email and I can point you in the right direction for the best values and to get into a property, just in time for Ski Season. ~ Bruce Carta – Buyer’s Agent – The Boyd Team [email protected] 970.819.3633

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