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The South Valley stretches south of Steamboat Springs and encompasses Highway 131’s surrounding areas. Bountiful and picturesque, the area boasts high-end developments with low-density living. A portion of these developments are Land Preservation Sub-Divisions, which offer large acreage but concentrate the housing to a specific zone in order to leave superior open space for wildlife preserve and aesthetic appeal. The area has two golf courses; Catamount (private), and Haymaker (public). Many of the ranches in this Valley are under conservation easement and are protected from any future development. Overall, the South Valley offers large lots, expansive common areas and panoramic views of the ski mountain and the meanders of the Yampa River.

Geographical Location and Overview

  • The South Valley is located south of Steamboat Springs in Routt County, Colorado.
  • It encompasses the surrounding areas of Highway 131.
  • The area is known for its picturesque landscapes and bountiful nature.

Residential Developments and Living Style

  • The South Valley features high-end developments that emphasize low-density living.
  • These developments offer spacious and upscale living spaces.
  • Land Preservation Sub-Divisions are present, providing large acreage while concentrating housing in specific zones.
  • This approach aims to create ample open space for wildlife preservation and enhance aesthetic appeal.

Golf Courses and Recreational Amenities

  • The area boasts two golf courses: Catamount (private) and Haymaker (public).
  • Catamount offers an exclusive golfing experience, while Haymaker is open to the public.
  • These courses contribute to the recreational offerings of the South Valley.

Conservation Efforts and Ranch Protection

  • Many ranches in the South Valley are placed under conservation easements.
  • These easements ensure that the land is protected from future development.
  • This commitment to conservation helps maintain the natural beauty and character of the area.

Scenic Beauty and Views

  • The South Valley provides large lots for residents.
  • Expansive common areas are available for the community to enjoy.
  • Panoramic views of the ski mountain and the meandering Yampa River enhance the area’s aesthetic charm.

In summary, the South Valley in Routt County, Colorado, offers a blend of high-end residential developments, conservation-focused land management, recreational amenities, and breathtaking natural beauty. Its careful balance of housing, open space, and preservation efforts create a unique living experience for residents while ensuring the protection of the region’s environmental assets.

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