Periodically UN-Focus!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I went for a nice long bike ride yesterday morning down 20-mile road and beyond. It was a crisp, clear Yampa Valley day and the weather & temperature were perfect. It was so refreshing to get away from my desk, forget about work for awhile and just ride. What a difference in attitude I began to experience!

As I traveled, it didn’t matter where I was going or how fast I rode.  I was peddling for the pure sake of it and enjoying every minute.  I began to see things that I tend to miss in my every day rushing about.  It’s like that in our offices sometimes, isn’t it?  Crunched for time and working diligently to move ourselves towards whatever personal goals we’ve set.  But in doing so we tend to move with our blinders on, don’t we?

It’s no secret that we find ourselves in the midst of challenging times.  To get through it, we need to have a roadmap and work in a methodical way.  But every once in awhile we need to exit the crazy path we’re on and look around for any opportunities that exist outside of the narrow path we’ve been following.  This week, for even an hour or two, get on your bike (or whatever calming device you choose) and look at your life and work with fresh eyes.  See if you can discover some new opportunities to develop and grow that you may have been missing because you’re too focused on other things.  Being focused is often good, but not if lose sight of the big picture.  Sometimes it’s good to un-focus, so that you may once again see things more clearly.

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