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Monday, July 12, 2010

Steamboat Takes On Vacation Home Rentals, Again

A City Council that just 3 years ago placed a temporary moratorium on vacation home rentals in Steamboat is now poised to actually relax home rental fees and loosen parking regulations for vacation rentals in Steamboat. The City Council says it has no interest in taking up the more contentious issue of whether to allow or disallow rentals. They say they understand the importance of home rentals for the local Steamboat economy. The Council would like to support the nearly 75 vacation rentals by reducing the permit fees from $50 for each bedroom to a flat $50 annual fee. Qualified property managers could also be allocated up to 6 outdoor parking permits. The issue of vacation home rentals continues to be contentious. Many locals opposing the rentals showed up at the Council meeting asking for the City to again consider banning rentals in Steamboat. City staff will draft an ordinance for the Council to consider in the coming weeks.

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