Home Repair: Which Jobs Come First?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

With our unusually warm winter here in Steamboat, some home repairs that you normally could not do will be a piece of cake. Have you ever said you just need more time to finish a project? Well, Mother Nature is finally granting that time, and has kept the snow back. Bad news for skiing, but great news for home repairs and catching up on lost time.

We found a great article on Yahoo about which home repairs should be done first. It takes into account safety, structural longevity, and which problems will suddenly get out of hand if you don’t attend to them right away. If electrical problems, basement, roof, gutters, or exterior walls are on your list of things to repair, you should definitely read this article. Too often, we try not to think about these things and put them on the back burner. Maybe this winter is the time to start those projects….


About the Author
Josh Cook
Josh Cook is The Boyd Team’s Digital Marketing Specialist. In today’s online world, having someone who knows the industry and trends is a must. Real Estate has become increasingly internet-centric, having Josh on the team to meet those needs sets The Boyd Team apart. He continues to strive to make the Boyd Team’s internet presence as expansive as possible enhancing each listing’s presence.