Happy Thanksgiving From Steamboat

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family at Prudential!

Today is Scholarship Day on the Ski Mountain, which marks our official opening Day! I’ve been watching the thermometer all day; it has not reached above a chilly 6 degrees here at Prudential. I can only imagine it gets colder the higher up you go! Folks are still out there braving the frosty temperatures and supporting our local Winter Sports Club, which benefits from all $30 tickets sold today.

I am certainly thankful for all of the wonderful snow we have recieved to help make opening day happen with a little more cheer! I know in past year’s we’ve had the ‘white ribbon of death’ (meaning one run all the way down the mountain that everyone is forced onto- it gets a little tricky to ski that packed in!) Not this year! Top to bottom runs and numerous lifts, and honestly, the temperatures probably made it more enjoyable for the brave souls that made it up today by thinning out the crowds even more!

As with every Thanksgiving, I’m greatly looking forward to spending some time with my family and close friends. The opportunity to do so only reminds me of how lucky I am to live in Steamboat where close friends are plentiful. I relish the fact that I can go to the store to buy a turkey and be able to say hello and chat with friends in  our community. Of course our town thrives and lives off of the comings and goings of tourists, but when you break it down, we truly are still a small community. We are growing, but small. When I think of other people that work in real estate in large cities, I realize how lucky I really am to be able to develop close relationships with both clients and coworkers. It would seem unlikely to have those kinds of relationships in large cities, and it would be a different job that focuses more on sales than on the people. We are lucky to live, play, and work in beautiful Steamboat Colorado!

Hopefully everyone I know this season has plans to see their friends and family. Enjoy your wonderful Thanksgiving dinners, and stay warm!

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