Halloween Weekend

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween! Or almost. We’re soaking in a little sun today in Steamboat after 2 days of being pounded by Winter’s first storm. Don’t think we didn’t love it. Despite the fact that it may easily melt off by next week, it was still a great reminder to us to finish up all our home projects, put away our sandles, and pull out our ski boots and gloves! It’s almost time for winter play!

This weekend the entire town is going to be playing. Halloween in Steamboat is certainly not just a time for kids. Here’s what we have going on.

Welcome the snow by going to see the Warren Miller movie! It shows at the Steamboat Grand on Friday at 7:30pm, Saurday at 6 pm, and Saturday at 9pm. Bring in the snow!

As for Halloween, I’m expecting to see quite a few Avatars running around. With Avatar being such a hit and coming out with 2 sequels, we can only expect to see some blue, tiger-like humans crouching around the corners of Downtown Steamboat. All I can say is I hope if this costume is popular they figure out how to stay warm!

To start the celebration early and get your minds running about what it may have been like to live in Steamboat decades ago, the Tread of Pioneer Museum will be hosting a tour of the historic Crawford House… TONIGHT at 6:30! Get your thrills and chills mixed with your history of Steamboat.. and maybe see a real Crawford ghost… Call 970-879-2214 for more information.

To celebrate Halloween for the younger goblins and ghosts, Steamboat be putting on the Halloween Stroll Sunday evening in town from 5-7. If that sounds too chilly for small fingers and toes, join the Colorado Mountain College Residence Hall Association TONIGHT, Thursday, from 6-8pm for the indoor trick-or-treat festival the “Enchanted Castle.”

The Powder Room is also setting up a little scare thrill behind Safeway. You’ve probably seen it driving by, and were wondering what was going on. The “Haunted Forest”, complete with scary zombies and ghouls costs $10 tonight and $13 bucks Friday through Sunday. I haven’t been, but this sounds like it could be super fun. I heard a rumor that they have photographers taking pictures.. I’ll be sure to bring someone by who thinks they “can’t be scared”, then proceed to watch them scream, and then produce a photo of it later for a little leverage.

Friday you can attend the Screamboat Chamber of Horror at the Colorado Mountain College’s Monson Hall, 6-10. I’ve been before, and trust me, it’s scary enough that I’m not telling you if the small child I was with was holding my hand or if I was holding theirs. That secret is going to the Halloween Graves. If you like haunted houses, check this one out.

I’m a little bit of a nature freak, so I’m excited about this next event. On Sunday, Rob Mies will be showing LIVE bats. At the Library downtown I believe. No caving experience necessary.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween! Try not to eat too much of that candy, you’re supposed to be handing it out to the kids!

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