Fireman's Ball Of Steamboat Springs

Monday, January 31, 2011

This past Friday night, Steamboat hosted it’s first “Fireman’s Ball,” at the Steamboat Sheraton, which will hopefully become an annual event that will both be a fun affair to dress up for and also a way for locals to help locals.

Hosted by the Steamboat Fire Department, the ball was held in order to raise money to help families who might need assistance after a tragedy strikes. Essentially, the fire department wants to be able to put a family up in a hotel the night their home burns down, or to help them financially should they need it. All ticket proceeds went straight to this fund, and the evening was filled with a delicious dinner, courteously donated drinks from local businesses, and the wonderful music and dancing provided by our local band “Missed the Boat.”

Besides fundraising and dancing, the even was a great way for the community to recognize and thank the Fire Department for all they do. Firefighters were dressed in their best uniforms and the community was invited to share with them a special night of awards and a photo slideshow depicting many of the things firemen have helped our community with. Many do not know the stressful work schedules firemen put themselves through, and it is a rarity to find a Fireman who will complain about the work. They love helping people; and they are there for us in every situation, even if flames are not present. When your child gets locked in the car, your dog falls through the ice on Walton Creek Pond, or your close family member has a heart attack, Firefighters are the first responders on the scene. The great thing is they never seem to judge those who they are helping, and Friday night’s event gave the community a chance to thank them for their years or kindness.

In addition to raising money for the community fund, the event was also an amazing outlet for locals to find an excuse to dress up. In accordance with it’s name, most who attended wore evening gowns, suits or fancy cocktail dresses. It was a prom for adults, and everyone seemed to enjoy the excuse to look nice.

Hopefully the Fireman’s ball will kick off again next year, with an even larger attendance! Who knows which of us will someday benefit from the fund the Station is creating, and everyone can benefit from a light hearted night of dancing and cheers.

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