Balloon Rodeo Canceled

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy 4th of July! As many of you know, Steamboat has been suffering from extremely high temps, lack of rain, and an extremely high fire danger. While last night’s fireworks show was canceled, other fun activities kept residence out and about enjoying the holiday. The local rodeo put on a fantastic show that incorporated 4-man ranching team contests that have never been seen before (pinning a steer, milking a wild and crazy cow, branding a calf (simulated), and tying a steer). We also had a great “Beetles” concert in lieu of fireworks.

This upcoming weekend is another Steamboat tradition that we all look forward to. Known as “Balloon Rodeo and Art in the Park’ it usually starts with an early rise on Saturday morning to watch dozens of hot air balloons lift off at the same time over a lake and embark on the tasks of completing feats of skill; touching the lake, popping target balloons, and dropping flour bags into tires. This year, due to the extreme fire danger, the Balloon Rodeo has been canceled. You can read more here.

Art in the Park will continue, and it will be fantastic with the live music, delicious lunch snacks, and hand-crafted, beautiful artwork and jewelry. Ride your bike as the traffic can be pretty horrible. This weekend will also feature the Mad Mudder at Mt. Werner, which is a 3 mile race course similar to the “Tough Mudder” (Nationally known) and will have a series of obstacles like a mud pit, climbing wall, monkey bars, or anything else the course team decides will be a great delayer to those trying to complete the race. Don’t miss it!

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