Are You Moving During The Holidays?

Monday, December 05, 2011

Moving can be stressful. Moving with children can be more stressful. Moving with children over the holidays…is there even a word that accurately describes what that feels like? It happens of course. There are just some things that you can’t plan for, even when you have been planning for months. We asked some of our top van line partner’s to provide tips that they had for making a holiday move easier on everyone. Here is what they said:

  • One: Remember monkey see, monkey do. If you act disappointed about moving over the holidays, or are moping because you won’t be celebrating with the extended family, your children will pick up on that and follow your lead. Be positive and excited. Tell them about their cool new room that they can paint whatever color they choose, or all about the park and mall nearby. Show your excitement and your children’s excitement will follow.
  • Two: Don’t forget the decorations. Whether you decide to decorate at the old house and once again at the new house or at the new house only; bring the decorations in the car with you so you can set them up the minute you arrive, or buy all news ones when you get there. However you choose to do it, decorate.
  • Three: Start a new tradition. We all have time honored family traditions at the holidays. Since you are starting a new beginning, why not add a new tradition? For example: if you plan on a driving long distance to the new location, open one present each day in the car. Or maybe buy a new decoration at each place you stop for the night. Each year when you are putting up the decorations you will remember your journey to your new home.
  • Four: Listen to holiday music. You’re driving, so what else are you going to do? Stock up on CD’s or tune satellite radio to a station where holiday cheer can be found. It is a great way to feel connected to the familiar holiday spirit when things are feeling anything but familiar.
  • Five: Make the trip memorable. We all remember those “fun” family vacations in the car. Why not give your children some of those memories? If you can plan your route around fun attractions, cities family members live in, historical sites, and famous landmarks. Consider staying the night in a nice hotel and make sure it has an indoor pool for the kids!

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