18″ Dump

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Let’s put real estate discussion on the back burner for today and talk about SNOW!   The Steamboat ski report announced 18-inches of the white stuff dumped in the past 24 hours and it’s still snowing this morning.  Seeing as how my snow blower only has a 16-inch clearance, I had to clear my driveway twice this morning.  The first pass left only corn rows of snow that spit out the sides as I walked.

Our current “Ski Jam” guests seem to have timed their vacation just right.  Ski Jam is a music-related event in Steamboat that brings in a large number of people each January.  Imagine visiting from Texas or Florida and waking up to over a foot of snow on your condo’s deck.

Typically the Steamboat ski report takes measurements as of 5 a.m. while the snow was still falling.  That said, the amount of snow that skiers and riders will find at the top this morning could be closer to 2 feet of that miraculous Champagne Powder.

Locals and travelers alike seem to have an added spring in their step and smile on their face this week.  We’re once again getting pounded with snow which isn’t so nice for driving or shoveling, but superb for skiing!

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